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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stringing a few words together...

Exterior, National Gallery of Victoria promoting the Stadel Museum exhibition (I haven't had time to see that yet either!)

Sometimes it's hard to find time to string more than a few words together (or worse still to take photos, upload them, find and insert links etc) while still having time to play with the kids, go to work, get some crafting done and keep the house running. It's been one of those weeks...


  1. we miss when you don't have time to post but it's so much more important to spend time with your kids....they grow up so quickly and then you'll have tons of time to blog.....enjoy them while they want to play with you.....

  2. Thanks Deb. It's sometimes hard to find the right balance isn't it? There are times I wish I had time to be more prolific like you (I do so love your blog) but you're right about spending time with the kids - I know these precious days are numbered.

  3. Thanks Caz. I agree that it is hard not to go overboard once you get started. I've been having a bit of a blogfest recently but soon I won't have time to write half as much. The school thing is still in planning stages at the moment but I must start preparing for workshops....and I'm looking for some other work too, so like you my priorities will have to change a bit. At the moment it's still fun ( a break from writing letters of application) but I don't want it to become a burden....which it easily can.

    I hope that you have a fun weekend with your family.......look forward to hearing about your own time......

  4. yup, one of those weeks. Nothing a glass of vino and a few extra hours in the day wouldn't cure. Just keep blogging, frequency is irrelevant. :)

  5. Thanks for the perspective guys:)