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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Past Is Another Country...

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The weekend before last I went to my 25 year school reunion (I thought there had been a misprint but it seems it has been that long since I left school). Of course I agonised over whether or not to go. My year level consisted of 11 girls and 80 sports-mad boys (mainly boarders) and I knew that only one or two of the other girls were going. There was also the remote chance that my 'first love' would be there and I wasn't all that sure how I'd react seeing him after all this time. Would I be like Debi Newberry in Gross Pointe Blank...'What is this I'm feeling? Is it pain? Panic? Hunger? Am I hungry?'...and would he be like Martin Blank...'I freaked out, joined the army, went into business for myself, I'm a professional killer'?

Luckily for me the night went off without a hitch. No dead bodies, no 80s music to evoke unwanted emotions just a really noisy crowded pub where small talk was really all we could manage. 'First love' did not turn up (where are you now David?) nor did any of his close friends. There have been lots of emails and Facebook friend requests floating about since then but I'm wary about visiting this other country known as the past. No-one really seemed to have changed that much and while it was nice to be able to connect the dots and see what people have been up to, I didn't feel a burning desire to re-establish any old ties. I already keep in touch with the people who were really special to me then (as they are now) and I'm content to leave it at that.

How about you? Have you been to any of your school reunions? Have you ever run into your first love after many years of separation? What was it like? Do tell...


  1. Glad you didn't get blown away last weekend...I was worried about you all.

    I went to an all girls grammar school so no fear of running into first loves at reunions ......but I have been in contact with people on Facebook. Still the same lovely way with words, but it's amazing how time can change peoples looks and lithe youths can become rotund and bald if they're not careful.....too much of the good life!

    By the way, how did you get on with Bill Bryson's 'At Home'? Do you recommend getting it?

  2. I love that movie! :-)

    My school is a bit lazy, so I've already passed the 10-year Reunion mark. Maybe for 15....
    I've also found old HS friends on Facebook, but most I ditched after we'd swapped pleasantries and where-are-they-now info - We just had nothing in common any more!
    The few I still keep in touch with, is because we actually knew each other and were friends/friendly then, and now still feel a connection.
    If I ran into the boy I had a crush on in school, I'd probably still try to hide from him- bet he's married with kids now anyway. ;-)
    (Y'know, i could probably find him on FB, I've seen him in the 'friends' list of some of my friends...)

  3. So well put Caz. I also have no interest in dragging up the past. The people who mattered then mean even more now, the rest are just strangers. You were brave to go. Can't wait to talk in person. Have we been friends for that long. I am very fortunate. Love you

  4. Deb, I did finish the Bill Bryson book and there was a lot to like about it. A better title for it would be 'The House: Great Architectural and Engineering Feats in 18th and 19th century Britain and America' (not very catchy I know!). The fact that it had little if anything to do with 'home' bugged me when I was reading it but on reflection there were some great stories in it about the Great Exhibition, English gardens, Fonthill Abbey and American presidents building houses. I'm sure you would enjoy it.

  5. Manu, I have had a sneaky look on FB but he has a very common name! Glad you love Gross Pointe Blank too - I've seen it a million times (well maybe not quite a million).

  6. Loretta, I'm calling you right now!!!!

  7. Apart from my one-year reunion I haven't been to any because I've always been overseas for them, which annoys me as I'd like to know what people are doing, although FB has sort of let everyone have a reunion without having to leave the house. I'll definitely try to be at the next one but judging by some of the pictures of reunions I've seen, particularly of the boys, I might not recognise a lot of people... why is it that so many of the guys in particular seem to age so fast?!

  8. That's one of my favourite movies!

    I missed my 10 year reunion, but being back in the UK right now have been toying with the idea of meeting up with friends from primary school (a very small class and we were all very close) and early high school. But on the whole I think it's best not. A few of us are facebook friends now and we simply have nothing in common anymore. It's actually kind of nice to have come to that conclusion though. It saves me from thinking 'what if ...' and 'I wonder ...'

    xo Francesca