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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kids In The Kitchen...

Every school holidays we try and spend at least one day together in the kitchen. We choose a number of different things to make none of which take too long and all of which give us lots of breaks in between stages. Yesterday we started with cupcakes. I think you can tell from this photo just how excited Henry was...

Of course licking the beaters is one the best fringe benefits...

Although licking the icing off is pretty good too..

After a bit of a run around outside and a trip to the supermarket we made pizza dough. The kids loved the kneading process and kept checking to see if the dough had risen over the next couple of hours. Look at the concentration on those little faces - Junior Masterchefs in the making! The Hawaiian and Margherita pizzas they made were delicious...

...and we finished dinner with the kids favourite desert, 'Frog In A Pond' which we made earlier in the day while the cupcakes were cooling. We let the jelly set a little too long so they were more 'Frog On A Pond' but they do look sweet don't they?


  1. cooking with kids is SO MUCH fun !
    thanks for this happy sum-up in pictures !
    this is how they get to learn that fish doesn't come in frozen squares from the grocery store (i wish i was kidding there...) and grow the love for healthy food.
    I had never seen any "frogs in the pond" before ! so cool :)

  2. It is lovely cooking with kids isn't it? Next step is planting some summer vegetables to reinforce the message about where food comes from. I hope to be able to get onto that this week while the holidays are still on. Hope you have a great break too.

    BTW 'Frog In A Pond' was always served at children's parties in Australia when I was little.

  3. Everything looks delicious!! So many of my fondest memories revolve around cooking at home as a child with mum! :)

  4. Licking the beaters IS the best! And that icing looks completely pinkalicious. When I was small we used to go to a restaurant called "Bonanza" - it was a steak house and I ALWAYS used to get "Frog in a Pond" for dessert - YUM!

  5. Thanks Tracey and Lillabilly - this sort of food never fails to bring back childhood memories does it? I hope that my kids are building up a lovely store of memories to draw on one day.

  6. I love how excited Henry is. :-D

    This is one of the things I most look forward to one day- messing about in the kitchen with my kids.

    Ooh, frog in a pond! Our local pub has 'snakes in a swamp', a variation on the classic- jelly snakes in purple jelly. Mmmm....

    That's it, I need to make jelly for tonight. You evil temptress you.

  7. What a fantastic way to spend the day. I want to eat a lot of all of it.