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Sunday, August 1, 2010

The start of something big...I hope...

This is my first fumbling attempt at a granny square. I've been teaching myself using Pip's book and online tutorials. As you can see I had a bit of trouble with the corners and with changing colours but I figure practise makes perfect! I'm hoping to work my way up to making something like this or this for Bella. Bella has seen me make enough rugs to know that this one won't be warming her until next Winter but she's cool with that.
Are you making anything at the moment (or making plans to make something)?


  1. I was inspired by Pip's posting too. I loved her choice of colours. I haven't started yet....good job there's a tutorial because it's ages since I've had a go...knitting is more my thing.....

  2. Hi Caz
    I made one of them when I was at secondary school only it was one square that just kept growing. I still have it somewhere.My nana introduced me crochet.
    Helen (Laffin( with Gary's photo !!!!! )

  3. oh great ! congratulations ! you'll become ... hooked !
    my great grandmother was the only one in the family who could crochet but she died when i as 8. i inherited from her a beautiful crocheted tablecloth, her b& w beautiful portrait, and one of her crochet hooks. i kept it preciously wanting to learn. this was only with my previous blog, that 2 years ago, i had the nerve to buy a crochet book and teach myself !
    i haven't stopped since !!