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Sunday, August 22, 2010

On the cusp...

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The events of the past couple of days have left me feeling quite flat. I like to know whose running the country when I go to bed on election night but no such luck this time. It's like going to the footy to see your team win and coming away with a draw -you haven't actually lost but you haven't won either. It's very unsatisfying for all concerned!

I'm not cool with this limbo thing. I like a bit of certainty. Today Spring was definately trying to make its presence felt but there was sun, rain, wind, clouds, blue sky and rainbows. The moon is just about full...but not quite. I'm glad tomorrow is Monday.


  1. You would have been alarmed by my 21-year-old's response. "Anarchy," she cried. "We're going to be invaded". Sometimes I shake my head. How she came out of our household, I'll never know.

  2. I have to admit I'm kinda excited by the whole 'hung parliament' thing. I'm excited because I believe we might be moving toward a more modern style of governance. I think Australians are truly beyond a two party system and this year neither party were really speaking to the people. Liberals seem to be the same old head in the sand party they have always been and Labor failed to deliver on almost all of its key promises. Poll pandering has resulted in the people saying 'Meh'. Now we have an opportunity for some key independents to use this as a means of really pushing through some major policy changes. Will we get an ETS or something like it? Will we get a national broadband network and maybe we wont end up with an infective internet filter that costs billions and stops no one. It's gonna be ok, and if it isn't then Crackernuts Junior will get to run around some more screaming 'ANARCHY"! lol.

  3. Thanks guys. You've both made me feel a lot better. I totally agree with you Estelle, I think the result of this election is a reflection of people's bewilderment with the two party system. The optimist in me says that exciting times are ahead and that real debate and community consultation may at last be on the agenda.

    Katie, I had to laugh about your daughter. My sisters and I are definately not of the same political persuasion as our parents either which I know used to cause Dad some grief!

  4. My Family are all members of the Liberal party. Dad is very very peed off about the whole thing, but then he can't stand Tony Abbott so I'm not sure why hes so aggrieved :) You should have seen his face when I told him I voted Greens, I never seen that shade of purple before lol.