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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Idle hands...

Image via the purl bee

You know what they say people, the Devil makes work for idle hands so I plan on keeping mine busy. Here's a few places I've found inspiration...

- I've already made three of these great crochet cuffs from over at kootoyou - one in black, one in orange and one in pink. I'm planning on doing some more in cotton and maybe 4 ply wool for a lacy-er look.

- I'm definately going to invest in Joelle Hoverson's (of Purl Soho) new book More Last Minute Knitted Gifts. You can see some of the patterns in the picture above.

- I've also been checking out iCrochet a new blog full of links to other people's crochet projects (I think it has been set up by the indefatigable Sarah London.

- Finally, I'm having difficulty deciding what to make from this amazing list of baby knits in the last Whip-Up newsletter. I really like the look of some of those kimono jackets.

What are you doing to keep your hands busy?


  1. Lovely projects.. my hands are being kept busy with typing and sending emails as I'm trying to find work and organise a fashion show, but I know what I would rather be doing and it involves a sewing machine!!

  2. The crochet cuffs are beautiful Caz but look quite complicated to make. Thanks for introducing these other lovely blogs to us.

    I'm dying to get my knitting needles out. I actually bought a pile of old knitting patterns yesterday for £1.20. They look like someone's life time collection starting in the 50's! I plan to have a go at making some of the really old ones. I really want to make some socks this winter too.

  3. I bought a bunch of knitting needles from the oppy last week, now do I learn how to knit or do I turn them into bangles? Serious dilemma here!

  4. I say both Estelle! I love those needle bracelets but I'm seriously addicted to knitting and I'm sure once you got started you would be too.