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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This week...

I finally got around to starting the swirly scarf I first mentioned way back here. I've had this wool for ages but have never been quite sure what to do with it (an impulse buy when it was on special). Even though I'm a crochet novice things seem to be coming along nicely.

I've also been checking out this lovely book by Silvena Rowe. I saw it reviewed in Epicure yesterday and loved the sound of Silvena's artistic take on Eastern Mediterranean cuisine. Recipes mentioned in the review include Pink Peppercorn Meringues with Mulberries, Rose Petal Ice-cream and a tomato salad flavoured with pomegranate seeds, sumac, cumin and pomegranate molasses - yum.


  1. love the wool Caz, some of my favourite cool colours.

    The cookery book looks lovely too. I flicked through one the other day in a book store. Sumac is an amazing spice we use quite a bit of it.

  2. I thought of you Deb when I read about this book. You probably cook a lot of this type of food anyway but the book itself looks lovely (from what I could see in the newspaper). It looked a bit Tessa Kiros?

  3. Yes I agree about the Tessa Kiros thing Caz.

    I've seen the Rosie Flo books at last, too. They had a big selection in the Pallant House Gallery bookshop. They are lovely. They had some amazing art books too, I could have spent ages in there.

  4. Oh, so pretty!!

    The colour of your wool (and of that wonderful book) are beautiful indeed ... you remind me I really should pick up my knitting needles again soon.

  5. Thanks for visiting Tracey. I'm definately going to follow up your four simple things!