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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Five Things That Made Me Smile...

Image: bricolagelife

1. Seeing someone knitting in public. She was knitting a very fine blue-and-white striped sock quite unselfconsciously chatting away to her non-knitting friends while they ate lunch.

2. Going to a staff meeting where a digital presentation without sound was being played and having someone jump up and play an impromptu soundtrack on the piano.

3. Watching Henry's little face beam as he realised he could reach a whole range of shelves this week that were previously unreachable.

4. Dropping into Meet Me At Mikes to buy a crochet hook like this one only to find Pip in the window taking down all the lovely envelopes from The Envelope Project - we had a nice little chat.

5. Finding out a little more about Sandra from bricolagelife over here and visiting her shops over here and here. You should take a peek too.

Hope you've had a great couple of weeks too!


  1. I want to be that person who casually knits away while chatting with friends, so confident my fingers know what they are doing I don't even have to look down.
    Thanks for the bricolage tip, will head over there now. Hope your week was ace!!!

  2. Thanks Estelle. I can knit like that (not looking - watching TV, talking to people) and we sometimes knit at lunchtime at work in the privacy of our own lunch area but knitting by yourself in a cafe seems to be somehow braver and these days more shocking. Silly isn't it? Hope you enjoy your trip to bricolagelife (I'm pretty confident you will!).

  3. A fabulous five! I've just popped over to bricolagelife too, and looked into the shops - lovelylovely! xo Francesca

  4. Glad you like it Francesca. Hope the travelling/ writing is going well.

  5. I like the sound of the piano-playing. Great stuff. I've seen a fair bit of knitting on the train and along the platform this winter. Tricky stuff too. Not just scarves.

  6. we have knitting groups for just that purpose to knit and chat.....they're called 'stitch and bitch' ....I hate that name! You probably have them there too....I haven't found time to join but sound fun.....

  7. i would have certainly made you smile if you had seen me crocheting in the line (1h30 wait) at the movie theather for the premiere of the first twilight movie :D !
    & meeting bloggers is always fun even when it is by a happy accident !