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Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter Everyone!


  1. Now there's a pretty basket!
    That was always the best bit about Easter, at school...getting to make your own papier-mache basket for carrying goodies! :-)
    And seeing the teacher sneaking eggs into it during recess, because you were spying through the window! She said the Easter Bunny had come, but we said we saw her...then she said Easter Bunny was very busy, so had asked her to help out. Nice save.

  2. I love this easter basket, what a fantastic papier mache idea!
    Have a fantastic easter!

  3. Thanks guys! Isabella made this at a vacation program. She was everyone else used feather to decorate their chicken but she decided to go her own way with the scrunched up tissue paper - nice. Hope you and your families have a great Easter break.

  4. Love the Chicken. Hope you all have a wonderful Easter. Kirk has to work so we won't be doing much. Harper and I will probably search for eggs in the morning. Lets skype soon
    xoxoxox Loretta