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Monday, April 12, 2010

Five Faves - Knitting Muses

Spiral Boot Socks designed by Veronik Avery via Tiennie Knits...

I have been doing a lot of knitting lately trying to finish Henry's blanket as the weather continues to get colder. I've started looking online for inspiration for new projects and came across Jane Brocket's great knitty bits post and then decided to visit some old favourites.
Five fave knitting muses this week are:

1. It was Jo Sharp who got me back into knitting. I remember seeing her patterns in the early 90s and realising that knitting could be more than 8ply school jumpers. I think her most recent collection is one of her best.

2. Bonne Marie Burns' Chicknits was the first blog I ever followed way back in 2003. It has been great to see how her site and brand have developed. Bonne Marie's designs are all so wearable ever for work wear.

3. Debbie Bliss - the baby years - I have knitted many Debbie Bliss patterns both for my own children and others. I love the way her designs blend traditional and modern elements and I am a little obsessed with her Cashmerino wool. If I have learnt anything from knitting for children it is that accessories make the most practical gifts - hats, scarves and blankets are all very useful. Garment-wise I like vests for boys (no food, paint, play-doh encrusted cuffs) and ponchos for girls (ditto!).

4. Norah Gaughan seems to me to be ridiculously prolific and yet she constantly comes up with new and interesting ideas for shape, drape and texture.
5. Ysolda Teague/ Veronik Avery are new discoveries for me but I like what I see especially the socks (not that I've ever knitted socks!).

Where do you get your knitting inspiration?


  1. I'm a bit of a danger with knitting needle's but I admire those who have the patience! I love those socks, they're so pretty!

  2. the socks are cool....I was looking for a sock pattern this winter after seeing alpaca ones on sale in Bora for 75pounds!! I thought they'd be nice for snuggling up on the sofa on winter evenings, reading a book or watching TV....I might have a go for next winter but for now I'm beginning to plan dressmaking with summer days in my mind....although living in the UK i'ts probably more sensible to make the socks...