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Saturday, March 20, 2010

The School Fete

Bella in her 60s gear and Henry with the remnants of the magician's moustache he insisted I draw on for him.

This is the first ride (other than really baby ones) that the kids have even been on. I wasn't sure how they would react but they seemed to enjoy it.

Some of the rejects from the batch of cupcakes we made for the cake stall. We at them ourselves anyway!

Today we went to Isabella's 60s-themed school fete. It was some school fete. Craft, cakes and books were the first things on the agenda, of course, but there were also rides, short movies, face painting, tattoos, lucky dips, Pennies From Heaven, silent auctions and an amazing array of food from fresh cinnamon donuts to biriani and strawberries and cream. We were there for three hours and didn't really see everything!



  1. Isabella looks right at home in that outfit! :-)

    Reject cupcakes are the best- means you get to eat them, with no feelings of guilt.

    Wow, our school fete was always a much smaller affair, from what I remember (always heaps of baked goodies though!)...being in a little country town, I think we're excused. ;-)

  2. It was a pretty cool fete and any excuse for a cupcake is OK by me!