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Friday, December 17, 2010

Four Simple Goals Update III

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Time for another update on the Four Simple Goals Project. Way back in September my first goal was to 'bring music back into my life'. I'd envisaged doing that by finally getting the iPod I got LAST Christmas up and running but that still hasn't really happened. Instead I've found inspiration in some unlikely places.

The first place was my car. For the first time in my life I have a car with a CD player (sure it has iPod-compatability too but I digress...) so I've been able to drag out all my old, unloved CDs and play them end-to-end to see if there is anything worth saving. Turns out there is and I've been mentally compiling flamenco, big band, 60s and indie pop playlists ever since.

The second place was watching Glee and listening to the Glee CDs with the kids. The great thing about kids is they have no pre-conceived ideas about what's cool and what isn't (Henry took a 'Chicken Dance' CD to daycare last week and a Debussy CD this week). Through Glee they've become very excited about KISS, Madonna, U2, Lady Gaga, The Beatles and Ella Fitzgerald which I think is great.

The third, and perhaps most unlikely place, was the Rock Chicks concert where I saw Nat Allison wielding the most beautiful guitar in the world - the Gretsch White Falcon. I simply could not take my eyes off that guitar (which is almost as big as Nat!) and went home and dragged out my own acoustic number for a bit of a strum. Like many things (the tennis racket, sewing machine, flamenco shoes...) my guitar has spent way too much time in the cupboard over the years. I used to love playing guitar alone in my room and it seems my newfound enthusiasm has rubbed off on the kids because they've both asked Santa for guitars! Who knows perhaps we'll start our own retro band...


  1. How wonderful to rediscover music in so many different ways ...

    Listening to music in the car is wonderful therapy, and it's especially great when you can find tracks to suit the journey and your mood.

    I didn't know you played guitar (that's great!). You should must definitely start playing again more regularly ... haha, and starting your own family band sounds like a plan! ;)

  2. what lovely and serendipitous ways to bring music into everyday life. i hope you do start a band :)

  3. I can't wait to see the kids faces when Santa leaves them their guitars. Isabella's is a 3/4 size hot pink number and Henry's is a more traditional wood-toned 1/2 size. Initially they just wanted toy ones but when I looked at them they were so horrible and plastic-y - and the real ones were only a little more expensive - that the choice was an easy one. There's always the chance they'll be more interested in the box but let's hope not!

  4. They'll be so excited. Hannah's boyfriend bought her a beautiful 3/4 deep turquoise blue acoustic guitar for her birthday in July (she's quite petite) and she was's a lovely's great to have live music in the house.

    I still miss hearing miss-cords when she was a tiny thing practising her love when she's home and I hear her practising the guitar.....

    Sounds like It's going to be a fun Christmas at your place.