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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Circle of Life...

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On Friday I found out a friend has a family member in palliative care so I baked something nice for them - ridiculous I know but in the face of death everything seems a little ridiculous...

On Sunday I went to my youngest sister Rachel's wedding. It was a balmy Spring day by the beach and the bride and groom looked blissfully happy especially when they announced that another baby was on the way...

Today I'm waiting with bated breath for a call to say that my sister Angela has had her baby. They say that nothing is certain but death and taxes so the arrival of babies is always a welcome respite...


  1. It sounds like you've gone the whole gamut of emotions this week Caz. That's amazing news about your's so lovely to have a new baby in the family.....and the wedding sounded perfect.

    These things just make you want to celebrate life and try to enjoy every little minute of the day don't they?

  2. You're so right Deb. From our private joys and sorrows to very public ones like those endured by the Chilean miners, life is indeed very precious.

  3. I too seem to cook and make cups of tea when there is a sad situations.....and also happy ones like new babies!