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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Taking the Leap...

Originally uploaded to Flickr on July 1, 2009by Kat Gloor

Last week I went back to dance classes and my soul is singing (or should that be my soles?!). Last night we did 'grand jetes' across the floor to Pink's 'I'm Not Here For Your Entertainment' and as I flew through the air I noticed that I was smiling - not for any audience or mirror - but with the sheer pleasure that comes from launching yourself into space.

Dance has always been a big part of my life. There have only been a few times when I haven't danced. These have been key transitional periods in my life - secondary school to university, university to full-time work, motherhood. The first two breaks were for no more than one or two years but its now been six years since I last took a dance class. SIX YEARS! Why have I been denying myself this feeling for so long?

I've long been aware of the connection between dance and my own wellbeing. I just feel better when I'm dancing. As a person who lives most of their life in their head, dancing gives me a chance to re-align my 'thinking brain' and my 'body brain' - to walk on water without thinking 'Wow, I'm walking on water' and falling in. Obviously a six year break is going to leave things seriously out-of-whack so it's going to take more than a few weeks to get things back in balance but I plan on enjoying every minute of it.

Perhaps you should take the leap too?


  1. Wow....well done sounds such fun.....what kind of dancing? A friend does tango...which sounds so dramatic....and romantic......

  2. I don't think dance is my thing but sounds like it's feeding your soul and putting spring into your soles. I can remember grinning crazy like that when roller skating. ZI wasn't good at it. I was terrible, in fact, but the need for speed and the threat of serious injury (through lack of skill) was what made me grin madly. I get the same maniac's grin flogging a bike down a hill.

  3. I'm not allowed to dance, theres an embargo on my booty, BUT I have been meaning to take up ukulele lessons when Freddy is a bit older.....inspiring

  4. It is great fun Deb. It's actually a dance/fitness class so we start with a bit of cardio work (running, lunging, skipping) then we learn a dance routine (which could be ballet, jazz, funk or salsa!) then we finish with a bit of Pilates. I usually do flamenco dancing but it's been a while as I mentioned and I really need to get some fitness back before I launch back into it.

  5. Katie, I feel the same way about roller-skating too although I haven't been skating for ever. I used to skate a lot when I was young but I broke my leg skating when I was about 12 and I never really got back into it after that. Coincidentally I am going to a kids roller-skating party this weekend so who knows the love afair could be rekindled!

    ...and Estelle, I love the ukulele! I have done some research and writing on Hawaiian bands in Melbourne during the 1930s and 40s in the past and have been interested ever since. Perhaps I'll do a post on Hawaiian music? Maybe I'll even buy a ukulele too?

  6. That sounds fun.....and cool idea about the ukulele a few of my nephew's have them they're teaching them in the schools over here at the moment...banjo's have made a big come back too....

    Have you seen 'YouTube collaborative ukelele jam with Sophie Madeleine' might like it......

    Hannah's boyfriend just got her a a beautiful guitar for her birthday ...I want a ukulele too.....maybe we could all do a collaborative jam then?

  7. As much as dancing is cool and it looks so fun, it's never been my thing. In fact, anything involving coordination and physical expression is not my thing, hence my lack of interest/ability in ball sports and being tactile with people whether I know them or not... conversely, my cat gets cuddled every 5 minutes, and I sometimes dance in front of her, so it's just humans who miss out. (miss out??? with my moves, they should be grateful they don't have to see me dance!)

  8. how wonderful to return to an activity that makes you feel so good - it's like falling in love again. i've just started swimming again and am reaping the stress relief benefits as well as the joy :)

  9. good for you ! great for mind & body.
    i used to be a linedancer (american C&W) but é years ago i had a big injury to my left foot, remained 4 months without walking at all, and it is not possible to dance anymore. doctors say it is for good. it is difficult to accept & it makes me sad, sometimes. i miss it a lot.
    so enjoy your classes +++ !