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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Not Quite A Hat...

Isabella periodically suffers from earaches so I like her to wear a hat when the weather turns cold. Unfortunately the older she gets the less inclined she is do so. She does, however, love headbands so by way of compromise I made her this very wide garter-stitch head-thingy. I think she looks quite fetching in it and so does she!


  1. I wonder if I could get Freddy to wear one on these when he gets an ear infection?

    BTW, my 10 questions are up :)
    Thanks for tagging me, it was fun.


  2. Loved your answers Estelle, thanks for playing along!

  3. Ah, a tween girl. Go with whatever works for however long it works. As a Girl Guide leader who herself has raised three girls, I can only smile sweetly and say "good luck". (You'd be surprised how often the parents of my Girl Guides want me to 'sort' their kids out ... or ask for advice. My answer is always the same, smile, wish them luck.)

  4. Thanks for the advice Katie. She's only 6 but she already knows her own mind which I guess is a good thing?! I'm a big fan of picking your battles and going with the flow so so all I need now is that luck you were talking about!

  5. You are such a cool mum. :-)