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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Barnabus lives on...

Autumn is here already and we don't seem to have had any summer at all which feels a bit strange. But not as strange as the fact that Tom saw my old car whizzing down the highway yesterday. I was so sure the car dealers would sell it for scrap and I'm so glad they didn't. Barnabus lives on...


  1. Wow hasn't the year flown by....

    It's nice to know that Barnabus is still alive and kicking. It's amazing how we become so attached to inanimate objects isn't it? I love that things don't just get discarded but used... it's even better than being recycled and having a second use...

  2. Thanks Deb. I'm a sentimental fool I know!

  3. How lovely!

    I'm glad to hear that Barnabus is still zipping about the place ... just like people we once knew, things that we once owned are always nice to run into again.