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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Woollie Weather...

Image via. It's by Japanese manga artist Junko Mizuno (I'm sure that a heart she's knitting from!!!)

There's a nip in the air this evening so knitting/crochet season can't be too far away...


  1. Thank goodness!
    I love the cooler weather, and so I'm looking forward to lower temperatures and staying rugged up indoors.

    Though I'm not looking forward to having to get out of bed ... (I've never been a morning person).

  2. I'm missing reading your blog. This post is just me...I love knitting and can't wait to show you the pictures of my big knitting project..hopefully next week.

    It;s been refreshing to have a break from blogging but now I'm itching to get back in the seat.....although I must try to be much more balanced about you Caz....

  3. Autumn Equinox today! From here on in, it's all downhill...shorter days and longer nights, here we come!
    Mm, I can't wait. Sleeping in until it's light outside later on, then rushing to get everything done in daylight, followed by long cold nights in front of the fireplace, knitting, reading, mmm... :-)
    (And while I also think it's a heart she's knitting from, she sure keeps her heart in a weird place!)

  4. I can't wait to see your knitting project revealed Deb. I'm missing your blog too. I've been a bit slack myself lately but hopefully I'll have some more time tomorrow (famous last words!).

  5. Manu

    It was great to see you the other day. The plums are already jam and the kids just love those fruit leathers - thanks!

  6. Oh, great! I've been busily making plum sauce today, since we rarely eat jam but love the sauce for all kinds of dishes. :-)

    Mm, the fruit leathers are a nice snack, you can even convince yourself they're healthy if you ignore the pure fruitsugar content! Just go easy on them, since they contain so much pear! ;-)