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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Letting it all go...

Wildlife in suburbia!


  1. That's just like our garden, only tidier! Actually I have recently discovered that pulling out ivy is very therapeutic, so it's good we've got so much of it to deal with (sigh).
    Loved your last post about cool stuff on Twitter - it IS a rich vein of inspiration, even if it makes time disappear. I am restraining myself from Pinterest, but only just. Nice to have you back!

  2. Haha, nice....hope those blackberries are partially under control though, else your neighbours might have something to say! ;-)

    Our place is just brown, brown, brown....ugh. Can't wait for the weather to become sensibly cool and rainy again. :-)

  3. Hi Caz, Just wanted to thank you for joining the WWI challenge. Somehow your comments were sent to spam, but we've got you on the participants list now. Sorry about that!

  4. Ha. Yes, this is how I like to garden best ... by just letting things go and letting the garden do what it likes. I'm sure the local wildlife appreciates my 'efforts'! :)

  5. Hi Lucy - thanks for noticing I'd gone!

    Manu, the blackberries are not really under control so will have to do something about them sharpish! Hope the rain has helped your garden (and not flooded it). How are the apples and pears?

    Anna, Thanks for signing me up!

    Tracey, glad you like my wildlife sanctuary!