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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The right white...

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I feel like I'm slowly going insane. Have you ever tried to choose the perfect white paint? Who knew there were so many options? Pink whites, yellow whites, blue whites and even black whites? Do I go Antique White USA, Whisper White, Natural White or White on White? Really I feel like I'm going mad...


  1. I completely agree....see previous comment under frazzled and frurled..trying to make something simple reveals new layers of complexity??

  2. I don't envy you!
    I love how all the names for 'white' paint get more and more exotic...yet don't look it once they're on your wall.
    Apropos colours, thought you might find this amusing:

  3. I had a really similar conversation with a friend at the weekend Caz who had been sourcing red paint for a feature wall. She was overwhelmed with how many shades there were...

    When it comes to white paint I've noticed that the with elaborately named shades that the more exotic the name the more exotic the price!

    Thank goodness for sample's amazing how the same colour can vary on different walls, affected by light and shade...have fun choosing I'm sure you'll find the right one in the end...

  4. Helen
    White tiles are next...ugh!

    That colour chart is hilarious. Maybe we just over-complicate things or maybe we are the queens of nuance?

    I've decided to go with Antique White USA for the walls, white for the ceiling and white semi-gloss for the door and window frames. The Antique White is definately more cream than white but I think it will be a nice contrast to all the white (well, I hope so!). The painter is applying the second coat as I type...