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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hungry for more...

Do you ever feel busy, sick and hungry all at the same time? That's how I feel at the moment - dizzy, nauseous and trying to ignore a very loud ringing sound in my ears. I had to take a couple of days off work last week which I hate doing both because I love my job and because I know I'm behind on a few projects. Somehow I've also managed to embark upon a kitchen renovation and while I was feeling very sorry for myself in bed on Friday the designer called to say that she had mis-measured the kitchen and it all had to be re-designed (mainly by me - more about this later...)

When I finally did manage to put myself to bed I took along two very beautiful new books for company. The first was Melbourne, a gorgeous little book by editor/ publisher Sophie Cunningham whose idiosyncratic view of Melbourne bought back many memories of my younger years in Melbourne (there's a nice review here). The book opens with the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires and ends with the freak hail storm we experienced in 2010. While I'm not likely to ever forget either event I'm glad I have Sophie's version of events on the shelf to give to the kids when they're older.

The other book was Hungry: Food From The Heart by Guy Mirabella. I must admit I'm a bit in love with this book. Not only is it beautifully designed with luscious colour photos by Earl Carter throughout by it is full of delicious-looking Sicilian inspired salads, pastas, risottos, soups and desserts. Salads are a bit of a bete-noire for me so I'm always looking for inspiration. If you'd like to try Guy's 'Red Salad' featuring radicchio, red cabbage, peaches and pomegrante among other delights you'll find a recipe here.

Now is I can just get the nausea under control...


  1. Oh poor thing Caz hope you soon feel well...sounds like lots of ginger tea is in order...get well soon...

    Hungry sounds beautiful...Iooks like it had nice clean lines...

  2. Hope you are feeling better now..I am reading a book by Jennifer Steil, The Woman who fell from the sky. She was an American journalist who went to work for a year on the Yemen Observer. We have a fantastic local library where you pick up books you never thought you would. My next one which will be a book by Elena Mauli Shapiro,titled 13, Rue Therese.

  3. Thanks Deb. Ginger is definately the thing!

  4. Still feeling a bit dodgy Helen but hoping to make it to Schwekolt Cottage tomorrow. What interesting books you're reading. I haven't actually been to our local library for quite a while - thanks for the reminder!