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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Neglected Garden...

Look at the sorry state of my neglected garden. After so many years of drought I think I'd just really given up on the whole enterprise. Not being able to water the garden except with a bucket and watching things wither and die year after year was so deflating. The only things I've really had any success with have been my herbs and a few vegies.

This winter, however, has been amazing. So much rain! Lush green grass is growing where there used to be brown, brittle little shoots - and the weeds! A small magnolia that has never flowered is suddenly abloom, the blueberry has little pink flowers and no matter how many times I pick up the dead camellia heads there always seem to be more within a few days.

I feel quite inspired!


  1. I love gardens that are a little bit wild and overgrown so much more than ones with neatly manicured lawns. Lovely to see the lush grass.

    It is disheartening when things don't grow. Our garden is evolving so much I keep having to change how we look after it. Little trees that we planted when we first moved in have grown much more quickly than we anticipated and so the garden is much shadier than it used to be. We back onto woods and I think I was trying to control it too much. Then I read a book called Noah's Garden. The author described how people doing this actually changed the habitat of their gardens. Now I'm happy to let nature do more of the work...I can never win the battle with the woods that seem to want to reclaim our garden!

  2. It's wonderful seeing everything grow again isn't it! You should be feeling inspired look at all that potential!
    Enjoy *s*

  3. Ah you think its neglected, but the wildlife will Thank you for it.

  4. Deb, I just love the sound of your garden merging with the woods. I think you're right - we do all try to control things far to much don't we?

    Sophie, I'm gald you can see the potential!

    Shaheen, welcome and thanks for taking time to leave a comment. I'll definately be visiting your site again for inspiration and encouragement...

  5. Same! All this glorious weather has seen me out and about outdoors for the first time in what seems like forEVER.
    Weeding, tidying, just feels wrong to stay inside and do nothing when it's so lovely out! :-)
    Oh, and I hear you on the camellia front...our white one looks so pretty when new, but is already littering the ground ankle-deep in fallen blooms!
    My favourite has to be seeing the orchard in bloom....fruit trees in flower are just so *pretty*.