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Saturday, August 20, 2011

National Bookshop Day...

The Paperback Bookshop, Bourke Street, Melbourne by Diego DeNicola via Flickr.

Today is inaugural National Bookshop Day in Australia. It's been a tough year for bricks and mortar bookshops this year so today is a great day to get out there and treat yourself to a book (or two, or three). Here are a few of my favourite haunts...

I love the Paperback Bookshop because it has a great selection of titles (particularly fiction) and because its open until 11pm most nights which makes it a great place to rendezvous with friends especially if you're on your own. The only problem is not buying too many books that then become a burden for the night!

Readings, Lygon Street, Carlton by Snipergirl via Flickr. Ah, home away from home. I also love the store in Hawthorn. Amazing range and palpable love of books radiating from the walls...

Hill of Content, Bourke Street, Melbourne by Michael Coghlan via Flickr.

This little gem has had a number of new closures in past years but has somehow managed to hold on. I remember my Dad telling me about the Hill of Content when I was little. The first shop on the site opened in 1922 and was known form its 'quality antiquarian, second-hand and fine new books'. There are no second-hand books there now but its still a great place for high quality hardcovers of the 'coffee-table' variety especially in art and design, gardening and travel.

Image via

These days if I come over all antiquarian there is only one destination for me and that's Kay Craddocks Antiquarian Bookseller in Collins Street. Time Out Melbourne has described it as 'the sort of proper ye olde shop you expect to find magical ammulets...a fantastical place full of the finest, rarest books and probably a gateway to Narnia if you look hard enough.' See how exciting bookshops can be?!


  1. Bookshops are one of my favourite places Caz... especially when they stay open late...even more so if they serve coffee.

    It's always been a kind of pipe dream of Ahmad to own a bookshop cum coffee shop...I don't know if I want to own one or just be able to spend more time in one...I don't think I'd want to work in it... It would be so tempting to be surrounded by all those lovely and not be able to spend all day reading them...

  2. The Paperback Bookshop has one of Melbourne's most famous cafes right next door. It's called Pellegrini's and it was one of the first places you could get real Italian coffee in Melbourne when it opened in the 1950s. I think you'd really like it especially the communal table out the back in the kitchen where a lovely Italian woman will whip you up a great pasta.

    Like Ahmad my secret dream is to own a bookshop/ cafe one day. I think I've probably mentioned to you that Tom and I met when we were both working in the same bookshop. I really do miss being surrounded by all those lovely books and CDs sometimes...

  3. ooh my sister works at Readings in St Kilda sometimes... it is such a pity that so many stores have closed in Melbourne recently. I have to admit I rarely buy books but I do love reading ... I'm going to a fundraising night next week to support a kids' reading room in Vietnam!

  4. Hope the fundraiser goes well Fourth Daughter. I really admire all the charity work you do and I think anything to do with children and books is bound to be a winner!