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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy World Wide Knitting In Public Day

After a week of very cold temperatures we were blessed with sunshine today so we headed into town to be part of the Light In Winter Festival. This year the festival is centred around an enormous pyramid-shaped 'light sculpture' which the community has been invited to decorate with lanterns, fabric, knitting and crochet. Today was also World Wide Knit In Public Day and the first ever International Yarnbombing Day so there were plenty of knitters out and about which was great to see. Bella was mortified when I whipped out my needles but Henry entered into the spirit of things by creating a very handsome lantern for the pyramid.

In search of further woolly inspiration we also went to one of my favourite wool shops, Morris & Sons. While I was running maniacally from one beautiful yarn to another Henry and Isabella made themselves comfortable in 'Manland' - a corner of the store furnished with comfy 1950s armchairs where the menfolk can relax while they wait for the wool manics to make their final choice!


  1. Oh, lanterns, knitting and crochet all in one, some of my favourite things! I love the idea of Yarnbombing Day too...I'm all for a spot of guerilla knitting...although I haven't actually tried it myself yet...

  2. Everything sounds fabulous Caz!
    I've seen a lot of people talking about the Light In Winter Festival ... I hope it was fantastic! I think we have a winter festival starting in Brisbane too ... maybe one day we'll catch up to the fabulousness that is Melbourne? ;)

  3. Yes, Deb and Tracey it was pretty special. I think it's always nice to get out and about in Winter although my instinct is really to hibernate. I'm off to Daylesford for the weekend where it is sure to be freezing but I think it will be good for the kids to rug up and do some walking (and eating and book shopping and thrifting...)!

  4. Me too Caz....I love to hibernate...but your planned weekend sounds wonderful...a lovely family time together. Dx