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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Seven Things...

Not me but I wish it was! Image by magic74 via Flickr.

Tracey at Quiet Paws has kindly tagged me with the Versatile Blogger Award - thanks so much Tracey! As part of the deal I'm to share seven things about myself and I'd like to tag Estelle, Katie and Rachele if they'd care to play along too.

Here goes...

1. I used to be a flamenco dance addict. Before I had children I used to train three times a week and did several masterclasses with international teachers. Words cannot express how much I miss it.

2. I've never been to the snow.

3. When I was little I really, really wanted to be a witch - pointy hat, black dress, cat and broom - the whole shebang.

4. I only eat eggs when they are mixed together (fritatta, scrambled, in cakes) never when they are separate (fried, poached, boiled).

5. I tend to make up words when I'm in full flight. I find that if I deliver them with enough gusto most people don't seem to mind.

6. I trained to be an archaeologist.

7. I'm always on the look out for signs and omens. I hadn't seen my flamenco teacher for 7 years and this week I ran into her twice (see No.1!)

So there you go, seven random facts about what makes me me. Hope you all had a lovely Easter...


  1. It looks like it may the right time to pick up your Flamenco dancing from where you left off to have the children Caz....I think you would definitely look thee part....I hope you manage to do so.

    The witch thing...not so much...I wonder if you used to watch Bewitched when you were little...or whether that's before your time?

  2. I most certainly did watch (and adore) 'Bewitched' and 'I Dream of Jeannie'! I also read lots and lots of children's books about witches. My favourite book was called 'Carbonel: King of the Cats' by Barbara Sleigh about a little girl who buys a broom and cat at a market from a woman who happens to be a retiring witch!

  3. Thanks for playing along Caz ... I loved your list of facts.
    How wonderful that you were addicted to Flamenco dance, but it is hard when you miss doing something you used to love and be so committed to.

    I only eat eggs when they're mixed up in something too, and I'm always on the lookout for signs and omens.

    Oh yes, and I think I wanted to be a witch as a child too ... I loved the hat and the black cat.