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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Five Daily Essentials

Do you have certain things you really must have to get through the day? Some daily essentials without which your day would just not be the same? Tracey at Quiet Paws has tagged me to share my Five Daily Essentials and after careful consideration I plumped for the following five:

1) a good strong cup of tea:- without a good strong cuppa first thing in the morning I'm useless. Coffee can come later at morning tea but first I need my tea.

2) my trusty lipstick:- I don't really wear much make-up but I rarely if ever go out without a slick of lipstick. I just feel naked without it. People are so used to seeing me with lipstick on that if I do forget to put it on I'm always being asked if I'm unwell! (I'm a bit on the pale side at the best of times).

3) a notebook:- there is absolutely nothing worse than being caught short without a notebook. I like to have one with me at all times to jot down fleeting ideas I know I'll forget otherwise, or to make a note of interesting books, websites, recipes or ideas for blog posts. I usually like fairly utilitarian notebooks rather than fancy ones which I find a bit intimidating but I've had this one languishing for years and I've decided it's time to use it.

4) a crunchy apple (preferably Pink Lady):- I really do believe there's something to the saying, 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away', so I usually have an apple or two stashed away in my bag or car.

5) a good book:- I'm one of those crazy people who always carry a book around with them even if they know that there is only a slim chance they'll have time to read it. To me a book is a security blanket, a suit of armour and a damn good companion.

So there you have it. How does that compare with your list? Don't forget to check out Tracey's post and those of the other people she's tagged. I'd also like to invite Estelle, Sandra, Manuela and Francesca to join in if they've got the time and/or inclination.


  1. Ooh, will do- how do I post a photo in a comment? I can probably figure it out, if you'll forgive multiple posting-and-deletings 'til i get it right... ;-)

  2. I'm with you on the lipstick thing's a habit I think I got from mum.....and the apples too......

  3. Lipstick, apples, notebook - hmmm, what are the others?

  4. Thanks for the tag, Caz! I'll think on it and post soon. A book and a notebook are sure to make my top 5 too!

  5. Manuela, you don't need to leave it in the comments section here. Just do a post on your own site and we'll all follow you over there! Let me know if you need any help.

  6. Ohhh, right. Yeah, that would make more sense. ;-)
    I shall see if I can get my 5 essentials into the one photo. One of them is likely to try to eat/destroy the rest, so I'll have to be careful...

  7. Done!
    I put a link to this post in, so I hope that's all I need to do to 'tag'?
    (btw- This blog thing is 'smart' enough to instantly email me when I reply to a comment on my own blog, but can't tell me when you've replied to a comment I've left on yours? I have to remember to keep logging back in and checking your posts to see if you've talked back to me! *grumble*

  8. I love these things...

    For me it's:
    1. Tea (just like yours!)
    2. Camera(s)
    3. Long walk with the dog (for me as much as for her)
    4. Some sort of salad at lunch
    5. Laughter.

    Nice to learn a bit more about you, Caz.

  9. I'm laughing because you mentioned a book being a good security blanket and I know the feeling exactly. When I was young (and I sometimes still do this) I would bring a book to social events in case I was bored or shy or cornered. I think the perpetual carrying of books around in one's purse is something non-book lovers can't understand.

  10. Just lovely ... thanks so very much for playing along Caz! :)

    Your daily essentials are wonderful ... though I see you are so much more organised than me ... I take notes all day on little scraps of paper and post-it notes, so I really should get myself a proper notebook too! :)

    I love carrying a good book too ... even though, I agree - probably 9 times out of 10 I won't actually have the chance to read it.

    Lipstick is a wonderful thing to make a part of your day ... I'm so very lazy when it comes to makeup.


  11. I'm glad I'm not alone on the book carrying front. I always think you can tell a kindred spirit when you see someone carrying a book at a party!