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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Let the book wrangling begin...

Look at my lovely new bookcase. Tom made it a few weeks ago as part of our book wrangling project. Books have always been a bit of an issue in our house(s). With over 3,000 books between us we have so many 6 ft bookcases scattered throughout the house that we've basically run out of wall-space. That means limited opportunities to hang any kind of artwork, mirror, photos or whatever else it is that 'normal' people put on their walls. It also makes the place a bit dark.

This new floor-to-ceiling bookcase takes books from almost 3 of our standard IKEA bookcases so we now have a bit of breathing space in the house especially in the entry hall. Now we just need to re-paint the room and the bookcase the same colour (so that the bookcase recedes into the wall) then build 3 or 4 more. Once we've got this lot under control I'm planning on adopting the one in/one out principle to make sure we don't end up back where we started. How hard could that be??


  1. Hahaha...good luck with the one-in-one-out policy! :-D
    (btw- any fantasy or sci-fi or gardening or cookbooks or Young Adult books, send my way!)

    Love the new bookcase, Tom did a great job! We're still making do with mismatched bookcases- one from Mark's childhood, painted bright yellow; a plain cheap one from my childhood; a black-plasticky-veneer one that my brother will one day reclaim; one from my in-laws which they had no space for and which is actually rather nice; and a solid pine one we purchased and stained to a lovely rich brown a few years back.
    I dream of one day building an extension and having it as a library, with solid inbuilt shelves and reading nooks and rugs and things. Mmmmm. :-)

  2. it's beautiful...isn't Tom clever. We just can't get rid of books either...

  3. how wonderful to have a bookcase builder in the family! tho i have done it with clothing - i've not yet succeeded in eliminating a book when i bring one in... good luck!

  4. I am pretty lucky to have a bookcase builder in the family - a talent he's been hiding for nearly 15 years! I'm not confident about one in /one out thing either but I need to at least keep it in mind!

  5. How wonderful to discover such a useful hidden talent. Perhaps I shouldn't give up hope on the Boy Wonder yet...