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Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy from St Kilda...

I just love this quirky little video made in my old stomping ground, St Kilda. I spent my first grown-up decade in St Kilda and I loved every minute of it. The faded mansions, kugelhopfs and cakes as far as the eye could see, the beach, the gardens, Luna Park, the bands at the Espy and The Prince, the often scary night life - I still miss it. I left before I was really ready and it still features prominently in my dreams. St Kilda is often seen as a fairly cool place but anywhere can be cool. It takes a certain kind of community spirit to pull off this sort of quirky daggy!


  1. It sounds like you had a really awesome time there. I hope that you get to re-live some of it again before too long.

  2. Hi Caz!
    I've found your blog via Instagram!!
    This song features a lot in our house at the moment, such a "get up and shake your booty" song!
    Love this version from St. Kilda. I know St. Kilda well too having lived in Elwood when I was single.
    Cheers, Trudy