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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fancy a cuppa?

Is it strange to have your recently deposed Prime Minister design a cup of tea for the nation? I'm not sure but I must say Mr Rudd makes a damn fine cuppa. Rudd was one of 40 prominent Australians asked by Twinnings to create an original Australian Afternoon Tea. Like many Australians I like a strong brew and this one certainly hits the spot with its blend of Irish Breakfast, Russian Caravan and Ceylon Orange Pekoe (although for me it's a bit more of a breakfast tea).

I do realise it's all a big marketing ploy and it won't tempt me back from my daily Dilmah tea but sometimes it's nice to try something new isn't it? What's your favourite tea for daily consumption? Do you make a distinction about what you drink morning, afternoon or evening?


  1. Ooh, celebrity's like when models/ pop stars have their own brands of perfume...except this is at least useful and affordable. ;-)

    I love me an Earl Grey, with or without some star anise thrown in. Or Lady Grey, though it's not as strong a flavour.
    If being healthy, I've found some herbal teas I actually like, and drink with honey in stead of sugar- Sleepytime and Tension Tamer, made by Celestial Seasonings

    I tend to drink tea only in the afternoons or before bed...though in Winter, the poor kettle is on an almost-constant boil!

    Mornings have to start with a coffee though, sorry. I'm a late convert, but a devoted one to my morning wake-up call!

  2. btw, love your teacup! Is it part of a set? :-)

  3. I just love the names of the teas it's made from.

    I've been off tea and coffee since new year...having a bit of a detox but when not drinking herbal teas I do like Oolong green tea or Ahmad orange pekoe...and I always have a box of PG Tips secreted away for those days when I've just got to have a cup of PG Tips!

  4. It is a bit funny isn't it ... though it does sound like Mr Rudd may have come up with a blend I enjoy.

    My favourite tea to drink at any time of the day is T2's English Breakfast ... so good! :)

  5. T2s Melbourne Breakfast is quite nice, too! Friend bought it for me (loose-leaf), and it's a nice gentle one, black tea with vanilla. :-)

  6. Manu
    The lovely teacup was given to me by my friend Debby (who commented above). Aren't I lucky? It is an Alice in Wonderland inspired cup from the Alice Shop in Oxford. It does have a saucer but unfortunately it didn't make the journey complete so I need to do a bit of mending before I use it.

    Like you I'm a big fan of Earl Grey and often opt for a Lady Grey in the afternoon. I also have some Sleepytime in the cupboard which they kids also like if they are feeling a little restless or experinced one of life's tragedies (Henry took the last biscuit!). I do like the T2 teas too - there Chai tea is amazing.

  7. Deb

    Thanks so much for the lovely teacup which I've been waiting to show off!

    1. You are very welcome Caz...I just feel so bad about the saucer....I'll be more careful packing things next time...

      Have a great weekend,

  8. Tracey

    I hope that your T2 English Breakfast is helping you to 'Keep Calm and Carry On' in the face of the floods which much be quite demoralising. Whenever anything ever goes wrong in our family the first thing anyone does is put on the kettle...