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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Bella the Witch

Bella the Witch & Henry the Monster

Last Saturday I went 'trick or treating' for the first time ever! We were inspired by a note dropped in our letter box stating that 'seven families' from our street would be participating and that if we would like to join in the fun we should leave our outside light on. The kids were very excited about the idea so we quickly rustled up some costumes and when the night finally came around we ventured out shyly into the street. We went to a few houses before we ran into our American neighbour Brian who gleefully admitted that there were no 'other families' just him and his wish for his kids not to miss out on a lovely American tradition - so now we were two families! At the first house we went to together we picked up little Amelia and her mother and then Eva at a house a little further down. By this stage we were a 'posse' and the kids were really getting the hang of yelling out 'trick or treat' at each house.

It was a lovely warm night but there was thunder and lightning in the background - very atmospheric. After 13 houses we were ready to call it a night and parted ways but I feel quite differently about the street now (and so do the kids) having met so many lovely people. We must do it again next year.


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  1. Hehe- it is fun finding out who your neighbours are, isn't it? I found that when we went around introducing ourselves, with homemade bikkies, the most common reaction was puzzlement, followed by big smiles, chatting, and invites to cups of tea. :-)