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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Taking Stock...

Inspired by Pip over at Meet Me At Mike's I'm taking stock.

Making: travel plans

Cooking: poached quinces

Drinking: Earl Grey tea

Reading: a million things at once including 'The Love Charm of Bombs' by Lara Feigel; 'Through the Window: Seventeen Essays and One Short Story' by Julian Barnes and 'Finn Family Moomintroll' by Tove Jansson.
Wanting: courage

Looking: out a cloudy skies

Playing: at being a filmmaker

Wasting: ?

Sewing: labels onto jester costumes

Wishing: I could fast forward myself three weeks hence

Enjoying: learning how to edit audio-visuals

Waiting: for my quinces to be ready

Liking: my early morning mindfulness meditation

Wondering: what the future will bring (not very mindful I know)

Loving: Melbourne in winter

Hoping: I'm up to the challenge

Marvelling: at the production of 'Einstein On The Beach' I saw this week.

Needing: reassurance

Smelling: wonderfully aromatic poached quinces

Wearing: jeans

Following: BBC Twitter feed to see who the new Dr Who will be!

Noticing: small changes as I reach 30 days of meditation

Knowing: nothing is certain

Thinking: too much

Feeling: snug

Bookmarking: an online excerpt of Marisha Pessl's new book, 'Night Film'

Opening: the oven to watch my quinces changing colour

Giggling: I'm not much of a giggler

Feeling: fine

Hope you're feeling fine too!

(I wrote this on my phone using the Blogger app but couldn't work out how to insert links and not sure about formatting either!)