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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Taking Stock...

Inspired by Pip over at Meet Me At Mike's I'm taking stock.

Making: travel plans

Cooking: poached quinces

Drinking: Earl Grey tea

Reading: a million things at once including 'The Love Charm of Bombs' by Lara Feigel; 'Through the Window: Seventeen Essays and One Short Story' by Julian Barnes and 'Finn Family Moomintroll' by Tove Jansson.
Wanting: courage

Looking: out a cloudy skies

Playing: at being a filmmaker

Wasting: ?

Sewing: labels onto jester costumes

Wishing: I could fast forward myself three weeks hence

Enjoying: learning how to edit audio-visuals

Waiting: for my quinces to be ready

Liking: my early morning mindfulness meditation

Wondering: what the future will bring (not very mindful I know)

Loving: Melbourne in winter

Hoping: I'm up to the challenge

Marvelling: at the production of 'Einstein On The Beach' I saw this week.

Needing: reassurance

Smelling: wonderfully aromatic poached quinces

Wearing: jeans

Following: BBC Twitter feed to see who the new Dr Who will be!

Noticing: small changes as I reach 30 days of meditation

Knowing: nothing is certain

Thinking: too much

Feeling: snug

Bookmarking: an online excerpt of Marisha Pessl's new book, 'Night Film'

Opening: the oven to watch my quinces changing colour

Giggling: I'm not much of a giggler

Feeling: fine

Hope you're feeling fine too!

(I wrote this on my phone using the Blogger app but couldn't work out how to insert links and not sure about formatting either!)


  1. Have you read The Summer Book by Tove Jansson, she describes her island so beautifully. Your poached quinces sound wonderful. I can't believe the only Dr Who that I actually liked has gone...but I'm sure he's destined for bigger and better. Shame that Benedict Cumberbatch isn't available...but then who would accompany Watson.
    Glad you are feeling fine, me too. Have an awesome trip.