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Friday, September 6, 2013

Desire paths...


Walking the kids into school this week in this glorious Spring weather I was reminded of this lovely piece on 'desire paths' by the gentle author over at Spitalfields Life. I'm sure you have a favourite desire path yourself where you walk off the beaten track even when a perfectly good footpath has been provided for you by your local council? For me there is something so very human about the way we choose to navigate around rules and regulations following our nose, always on the look for something unexpected (like that amazing tree in full bloom right in the middle of the small clearing above).  

Our school is not in the middle of the woods. It sits on a fairly busy highway and has a regular car-park and drop-off point out the front with two lolly-pop ladies to help you cross the road but we prefer to park down the side of the school and wend our way along this desire path (there is actually more than one). The light is different every day, we sometimes get wet feet from dew on the grass and at this time of year the smell from the pine needles and the nearby wattle is heady. If you're lucky you might catch a pair of Rainbow Lorikeets circling but most days it's more likely to be a family of magpies caroling in the trees. Why would you go any other way?

Perhaps you have a favourite 'desire path'?


  1. What a lovely post Caz. I read this and then had to go away and think about which was my 'desire path.' Yours looks lovely and peaceful, no wonder you've chosen it. Then I realised that I couldn't decide because I always go off the beaten track. I even realised the other day when I was in Ikea that I always go the opposite direction to everyone else. If the arrow on the floor goes one way I always seem be going the other way. Probably a kind of metaphor for my life.
    Thank for the link to the's made me want to return to "The poetics of Space'
    I hope you walk lotsmore desire paths...

    1. Thanks Deb. I wondered if you'd pick up on the "Poetics of Space" reference! I have to laugh at your reverse direction IKEA visits. Is there a harder place in the world to navigate?! Still, sometimes the best things are found off the beaten track...

  2. Gorgeous Caz! I love the 'desire path' terminology ... I do so love wandering off into places of wildness, even when I'm right in the middle of the city. There's something so nice about going your own way and enjoying the scenery.

    Love your photos! :)

    1. Hi Tracey. Nice to see you back blogging again and thanks for the compliment. Like you I live on the urban fringes and take pleasure in the little pockets of nature all around me but I'm aware of encroaching development too. Enjoy it while we can I guess.

      I really loved your description of running in the hope of one day finding your wings. I never run but if words could inspire I'd be out there right now!

    2. Hi Caz - It's nice that we can find our wings in different ways though ... running, writing, blogging ... they're all ways of lifting us up. :)