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Thursday, March 14, 2013

There's no place like home...

So, it's official. After a very long four month settlement period we finally made the move leaving our sweet little weatherboard (above) for a larger, more modern abode just around the corner. On one of the many sweltering days we're endured over the hottest summer on record we sweated and swore until every last box and pot-plant was accounted for and transported to its new home.  

See what I mean. Much more modern, open plan. Quite neutral with not much personality yet but that will come. 

Unfortunately this little fella which belonged to my Nana didn't make it. I'm pleased to report though that he was the only casualty.
As you may remember it's not that long ago that I renovated my old kitchen so that it was just the way I wanted it so the new one has much to live up to. Never having lived in an open plan environment before Henry still can't quite understand why you would build a 'kitchen in your living room' but it certainly does give new meaning to the kitchen being the heart of the home. For me the kitchen more than any other room represents family and friends so I like to have things out on the benchtops that remind me of them like this pottery jar that my Mum made during a brief pottery phase in the 70s and this lovely oil flask handpainted by Melbourne artist, Daniella Germain which I received as a Christmas present from Tom's sister...
...who also gave me these quaint little measuring spoons (1 tablespoon of kindness) which sit in front of my much utilised babushka measuring cups, a gift from my sister Angela.
I love this bowl which Henry painted when he was just three and of course every room in the house must have at least one reference to books. Let's face it, we've got a lot of them but that's a story for another day...
Do you have a favourite room in your house?


  1. I love Henry's notion about the kitchen being in your living room. :-)
    Wow, that certainly is very modern! But as you said, you can fix the lack of personality- if nothing else, having kids living in it will do that!

    The poor broken plate could maybe be glued back together in an artistic fashion and framed, as a reminder of yet another journey? that your library? :-o
    I can only dream of such a lovely setup. Add some comfy chairs, rugs, and lamps, and it would definitely be my favourite room in the house! I'd never leave unless absolutely required to....

    1. Yes, that's the beginning of our library! Finally after many, many years our books are all have a home. No more books on the floor, climbing up the walls, hiding behind couches etc. We do have books in other rooms too but it is nice to have most of them in one place. We haven't got around to furnishing the room yet but we're thinking a small coucch, two comfortable reading chairs a coffee table (or smaller table between the two chairs and a lovely reading lamp. I think it will be lovely in Winter as it has an enormous north facing window (to the left of the photograph). How are things with you and bub?

    2. That is such an achievement. Enjoy it! :-)
      All it needs is a fireplace (or you can get those fake-fire gas heaters?), and it would be dream-perfect.

      Bub and I are doing well! I keep meaning to get around to emails- yours is in the to-reply pile (as it were)...hopefully this week. :-)