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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Too Young For Poetry? No way!

It's ANZAC Day here in Australia today, a sad public holiday. It's cold, wet and windy. A day for poetry if ever there was one. I've been planning to introduce more poetry to the kids for some time now but wasn't really sure how to do it without boring them or freaking them out. After reading a little First World War poetry to myself this morning I decided that although apt they really weren't ready for that kind of emotional carnage! Luckily I happened to stumble on A Poke In the I, a great children's book about 'concrete poetry', at the library yesterday. Do you remember learning about concrete poetry (calligrams) at school? It's that lovely visual poetry that uses a blend of placement, typography and words to convey meaning. You can see Isabella's balloon example in the photo above and some other great examples here

Henry found it too hard to contain his poetic muse and dictated the following to me all in one go (he's 5).

Marching With The Band 

Think about marching in your poetic deafness
of lemon drops and sugar.
In your flavoured mouth
poetic things dance to your deafness
Then you begin to feel sleepy and you fall asleep
and taste the deafness
and nobody knows your deafness is dead.

I swear that's just what came out! I just wrote it down and formatted it. Ah, to have the lack of fear that would just let me spew things out like that...


  1. Ooh, a bit of a poetic genius you've got there, methinks! I think I might have already mentioned this, but my kids love Lorraine Marwood's poetry books.

  2. Thanks Melita. I don't know Lorraine Marwood but I'll look her up.

  3. .....Gosh.

    Sounds like the little man has a new favourite word, and can construct a fine piece of work with it too! :-D
    These are the kinds of things you carefully write down and then present him with when he's got kids of his own. :-)