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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oh, my!

This is what I came home to after work last night. There's my little 50s pink toilet and check out that creative plumbing. Looks like some sort of surrealist sculpture! There used to be a wall enclosing all those pipes but really, I ask you, how has it been functioning all these years? The builder claims never to have seen anything like it in his life and I'm just waiting to see the plumbers face when he arrives tomorrow...


  1. Oh Caz...I can't say that I envy you at the moment...but I'm sure it will all look amazing when it's finished...

    We inherited an avocado coloured bathroom sweet when we bought our current house. I was dying to get rid of it but other things like the kitchen were our priority.

    I can't wait to see the end results...

  2. It is a bit challenging Deb! Half the floorboards had to come up today as there was not enough clearance under the house for the plumber to get in so it's pretty breezy here at the moment (and it's only 10 degrees celsius anyway). Only about two weeks to go!

  3. You could leave it exactly as is, claim it to be the last surviving example of 1950s 'experimental' plumbing, and charge people admission!

    Bathroom renos always look frightening until walls and floors are back where they belong- best of luck, and I hope the finished product will give you many years of trouble-free use! :-)

  4. Thanks Manu! I hadn't thought about making an exhibition of it and now it's all gone (too sad!). We now have a tiled floor (not grouted yet) and the bath and shower base are in place so it's starting to take shape. I'll post more photos next week.

  5. Oh my! This is an exciting development ... I look forward to seeing everything come together! :)

  6. Oh my goodness! Dare I ask what you are using in the meantime?! (We are currently thinking about buying a house badly in need of all sorts of reno work, so I am very interested in all these things).

  7. More pictures soon Tracey!

    I'm glad you asked about our 'alternative arrangements' Lucy. I'm very new at this renovating business and happy to share anything I've learnt. We're a one bathroom family so we have had to make other arrangements. I looked into the yucky old portaloos you usually see on building sites which were between $19-25 a day but we really needed a shower too and that was another $20 or so dollars ahead for a separate stand-up shower (same dimensions as the portaloo.)I did find a combined toilet, laundry, shower little shed for $19 a day but it was 10 x10 metres and we didn't have room for it.

    In the end we went with Ensuites On Tow (they're in NZ too) who offer a little caravan arrangement that sits in a regular car-parking space and has an all white interior with full-size toilet, shower and vanity with basin and mirror for $40 a day. It even has a little heater! It seemed like a lot of money but I went to the circus on the weekend and used a regular portaloo which confirmed my worst fears!I really don't think as a family of four we would have been able to survive without it for two and a half weeks (we've done one load of washing at the local laundromat!)

    It's certainly been a steep learning curve!